The Fribergs' best

Dick and Shirley Friberg's best gardening tips:

Find mentors. If you're interested in a particular type of gardening or species of plant, join a garden club, said Dick. (He belongs to three; Shirley belongs to six.) "You'll learn faster. There are always people like Shirley who like to mother people."

Plant smart. "If someone wants to give you a plant free, don't take it, unless you know it's not invasive," Dick said. "They might just want to get rid of it." And read plant labels before making a purchase, Shirley said. "If it says 'repens' on the back, don't get it unless you want a ground cover."

Pull weeds. "It pays off," Shirley said. "My mother used to say that for every weed you pull, you prevent 20 more."

Put down mulch. "It keeps weeds down and holds moisture," Shirley said.

Seek durability. When buying a trellis, never get wood, Dick cautioned. "You end up with the plant hanging in space when the trellis rots and disappears. Buy metal."