Wooddale Avenue, which has confused some drivers since the road was striped with experimental “advisory” bike lanes, will get more conventional road markings by June.

The road will regain a centerline, dedicated bike lanes and marked bike lanes that are intended to be shared by bicyclists and drivers. The changes affect Wooddale from the intersection of W. 50th Street to Valley View Road.

Experimental bike lanes with dashed white lines were installed last fall and paid for partly with federal money. The city was supposed to evaluate the road design for two years. But criticism of the road design has been unceasing, especially because the road is too narrow for a centerline, and confused drivers feared they might collide head-on.

Though the bike lane experiment is ending 18 months early, the city has been told it will not have to repay federal money it has already used for the project.


Mary Jane Smetanka

On Twitter: @smetan