On a Saturday when the Wolves spent their first full day in London, a nightly network news' lead story tonight was about heightened concerns across Western Europe and possible terrorist attacks.

The Wolves spent the day sightseeing, practicing and giving an NBA Cares clinic and then dined with the Lakers tonight at the Palm Restaurant.

Some points from a telephone conference call with Kurt Rambis and a brief chat with Kevin Love today and tonight:

* While the Lakers flew a big, ol' chartered jetliner 11 hours nonstop from L.A. to London, the Wolves spent nearly an entire day traveling in a smaller plane that required two stops, one in Portland, Maine, where the Wolves stopped off for practice and dinner, and one in Iceland.

"It wasn't bad once we left Portland," Rambis said. "The whole day was long. Nobody slept right, but everybody did a good job. Guys have supported each other."

* Of course, he wasn't willing to share plans for a starting lineup Monday. When asked when he might know one, he said, "When the game starts."

* He said called his team "a little banged up" with "bumps and bruises" typically associated with just-completed training camp but said he expected everyone to be ready to play, except, of course, for Jonny Flynn, who remained home in Minnesota to rehab his surgically repaired hip.

He called Wes Johnson's hamstring "a lot better, but not perfect."

* He said he's "already had a few guys come and ask me if they can guard Kobe," even though there's no certainty if, or how much, Bryant will play because of a knee he had surgery on in July.

* Rambis had dinner Friday night with mentor Phil Jackson and members of the Lakers staff.

* The Wolves were greeted with some sun for their sightseeing Saturday morning that included a visit to Westminster Abbey, a cruise on the Thames and a team photo shot with Big Ben and Parliament as the backdrop. By the time they got out of their afternoon practice and clinic, it was rainy and foggy again.

"It felt just like I was back home in Portland," Love said. "Me, Martell and Luke were talking about how it feels just like the Pacific Northwest."'

* Love chatted with Team USA teammate Lamar Odom and Luke Walton, a friend from L.A., at dinner at the Palm, where the two teams dined on steak and lobster.

* When Love and the team arrived at the Palm, they checked out the caricatures painted on the walls of famous people who have dined at the restaurant, a Palm trademark. They looked around.

"We were like, `Hey, that one looks like Corey,' " Love said.

As it turns out, the restaurant had caricatures of Flynn, Love, Brewer, Darko, Rambis, Mike Beasley and owner Glen Taylor. "Glen Taylor's looked exactly like him," Love said.

Check it out here:


More tomorrow (Sunday) from the Wolves as they prepare for Monday's game on NBA TV.


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