OK, yes, the obvious answer is to that headline question is they were all either drafted by the Wolves (O.J. Mayo), played for the Wolves (Darko Milicic and Michael Beasley), or both (Ricky Rubio).

The deeper trivia cut is that all four of them made ESPN.com's list of the top 25 draft prospects since 2000.

Darko checks in at No. 6, Rubio at No. 14, Beasley at No. 17 and Mayo at No. 19.

This is not a list, obviously, of who panned out ... it's a list of who was regarded the highest coming out of the draft. It's interesting to note Kevin Love does not crack the list -- nor do a lot of other players the Wolves drafted very high (like, say, Derrick Williams and Wes Johnson).

You'll need Insider access to see the entire list, but it's worthwhile as far as lists go.

It also gave us the excuse to create that image.

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