Fire. A fire was reported in the area of Clover Preserve Drive. Officers were unable to find the fire. They discovered that the caller was seeing light reflections on the water in a nearby pond and thought they were flames.


OCT. 16

Weapons. A resident reported seeing someone shooting a gun in their neighborhood on the 10500 block of County Road 116. Officers located the suspect, who was sighting with a rifle. Officers advised the suspect of the city's firearms ordinance.

OCT. 18

Theft. Someone called to report a horse had been stolen on the 10100 block of Bechtold Road. The person called back later to report the horse had been found.

Medical. A 26-year-old man was having an allergic reaction to hot sauce at a home on the 21300 block of County Road 117. When officers arrived, he appeared fine and refused further medical attention.

OCT. 20

Medical. An intoxicated man, 48, was unable to stand up at a home on the 7300 block of Rolling Hills Road. He was taken to the hospital.

OCT. 30

Missing person. A woman from a home on the 20600 block of Rush Meadow Lane reported her husband missing. She told officers he didn't come home from a bar and should have been home four hours earlier. Officers learned that the woman and her husband had had a fight at the bar and that the husband spent the night at a friend's house.

Domestic assault. An intoxicated woman was arrested for domestic assault at her home on the 20600 block of Rush Meadow Lane.


NOV. 14

Theft. Two generators were stolen from a storage container on the 7400 block of York Avenue S.

NOV. 16

Theft. A 1995 Honda Accord was stolen from a parking lot on the 3200 block of Heritage Drive.

NOV. 17

Underage consumption. During a traffic stop on the 5500 block of France Avenue S., a 16-year-old girl was cited for curfew violation and underage consumption of alcohol and a 19-year-old Bloomington man was cited for littering and underage consumption of alcohol.

Theft. Two leaf blowers were stolen from the back of an open truck on the 4000 block of 65th Street.


OCT. 16

Fire. A lawn mower was on fire in the 5300 block of Sunset Lane. Loretto Fire Department along with neighbors helped to extinguish the blaze.


NOV. 1

Found. A BB gun was found on the side of the road at County Road 24 and Medina Road.

NOV. 2

Animal complaint. A woman reported seeing 35 to 40 coyotes in the brush behind her home on the 600 block of Hamel Road.


OCT. 21

Disorderly conduct. Grapes were thrown at a home along Merganser Drive.

OCT. 22

Hunting complaint. A resident on Game Farm Road found three arrows in her yard.

OCT. 30

Burglary. A safe and silverware were stolen from a home on County Road 92.

NOV. 4

Check welfare. Officers responded to a home on County Road 26 regarding a 911 hang-up call. Children had been playing with the phone.


OCT. 31

Burglary. Two televisions and other electronic equipment were stolen from a home on the 3600 block of Dallas Lane N. Entry was gained through an unlocked patio door.

Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.