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Four or five years ago, I went to a Timberwolves game against the Mavericks, back when Dallas was very good and the Wolves were on their final descent towards mediocrity. My hazy recall of the game suggests that Minnesota turned the ball over on its first five possessions, and Dallas led 10-0 before Minnesota even got as far as getting a shot to hit the rim. The home team lost by about 30 that night. The crowd, sparse as always, looked like it was trapped in an unwanted macroeconomics lecture - bored and quite confused about why it was even there. I remember saying at the time that I was done with the Wolves until they made serious, serious changes; all hope for the franchise seemed to be gone.

Last night, I went to watch the Wolves play the Knicks. The crowd was sparse again - but not bored, not at all, not in the least. The Wolves turned around a 19-point deficit, thanks to Michael Beasley doing his best Kevin Durant imitation and Kevin Love grabbing 15 rebounds in the third quarter, most of them on the offensive glass. Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni even decided to help out, playing Amare Stoudemire only 28 minutes while Love ran rampant. Wes Johnson shot the lights out. Corey Brewer was useful. Even Sebastian Telfair managed to keep himself from throwing up bricks most of the game. By now you know the ending: 31 and 31 for Love, 35 for Beasley, a 112-103 win, and - it's a miracle! - the Wolves highlights leading SportsCenter.

Yes, the Timberwolves are still pretty bad. But there is hope. Thank goodness, there is hope. And now, on with the links!

*Chris at the Western College Hockey Blog writes about the best on-ice promotion he ever saw, a story that had me laughing uproariously. Key quote: "Somehow, all 14 contestants managed to make it out of the arena, many of them under their own power." It's a riot.

*After all I just wrote about the Timberwolves, I still got a laugh out of baseball comic The Dugs, taking shots at the NBA. (NOTE: That comic is rated TV-14, so kids, get a parent's permission before clicking on that link.)

*Over at From The Barn, the Gopher hoops blog, they love Blake Hoffarber. I'm with them there; for some reason, three-point shooters in college are much, much more fun to have on your team than they are in the pros. I don't know why this is. Maybe because in the Big Ten, 55 points can easily win a game, so having a guy who can get three at a time is a lot more valuable.

*And finally: Yeah, I'm not going to miss Joe Morgan.

That'll do it for me - enjoy Snowmageddon 2010! Get out there and re-learn how to drive in the snow. (For me, it took one wild slide around a corner to remember. Hooray, winter!)

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