It wasn't all that long ago -- what, about 7 1/2 months? -- but already we had forgotten so many of the specifics of last year's NFC title game between the Vikings and Saints. This, despite watching every second in rapt attention during one of the most exciting games we had ever seen -- one, of course, with an unfortunately familiar outcome.

Whether this hurts or not, we present to you five things we had forgotten about -- and remembered only now after a deep study of the play-by-play and stats from the game:

1. The Vikings' leading wide receiver on the day was Bernard Berrian, and it wasn't even close. He had 9 catches for 102 yards; no other WR had more than 43 yards receiving. (Berrian, it should be noted, also had a costly fumble. Then again, who didn't?)

2. The exact sequence before halftime. For some reason, we couldn't remember what the score was or what exactly happened going into the break. Our memory had erased the Saints' muffed punt recovered by the Vikings at the 10. It had not erased the botched handoff that gave the ball right back, but we couldn't remember if the Vikings were already leading at that point or not. Turns out the giveaway and giveback kept things knotted at 14-14. You probably knew that already.

3. On New Orleans' final drive BEFORE the Vikings' drive that ended in the interception late in the fourth quarter, the Saints escaped terrible field position a few different times. On first down, Drew Brees was sacked by Ray Edwards and fumbled, but the Saints recovered at their own 11. Facing third and 18 from that spot after no gain, the Saints gained 16 yards -- short of the first down, but breathing room for the punter, who then boomed a net punt of 52 yards (58 in the air, 6 yard return) to give Minnesota the ball at the 21.

4. One of the reasons the Vikings might have a tough time Thursday against the Saints in the rematch is the health of their cornerbacks. We remembered Cedric Griffin getting hurt in that NFC title game. We hadn't remembered it was on the OT kickoff. If the Vikings win in regulation, they have a better chance of winning tomorrow. ARRRRRGGGGGHHH.

5. In OT, the Saints needed: a defensive holding penalty on third down; a 4th-and-1 run for a first down; and a 12-yard pass completion upheld by replay ... just to travel 39 yards and kick a field goal.

Questions: Anything else you had forgotten that has been shaken loose recently about this game? Do the details of supposedly vivid things escape you often? Will the Vikings get their revenge tomorrow?

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