JAN. 11

Suspicious vehicle. A vehicle with two people in it was reported parked behind a church in the 800 block of Neal Ave. A deputy made contact with two juveniles in the vehicle who explained they were just talking. No drugs or alcohol were found. The deputy advised the two to park in front of the church because it is less suspicious. The juveniles said they understood.


JAN. 16

Street sign missing. A stop sign at the intersection of Wildwood Avenue and E County Line Road was reported missing. Authorities advised the city.


JAN. 15

Animal concern. An injured deer was reported in the back yard of a home in the 3000 block of Isle Court. The animal got up and ran away when a deputy approached it.

JAN. 17

Suspicious situation. A man in a van left a suitcase at the beginning of a trail at Reid Park, 11444 30th St. The suitcase contained clothing.


JAN. 14

Solicitor complaint. A resident in the 400 block of Park Avenue was suspicious after giving money to a man who had come to his door seeking contributions for an organization called Freedom House. A deputy located the solicitor who had a permit.

Plowing issue. A vehicle was reported parked in the 400 block of Neal Avenue making it impossible for the street to be plowed. By the time authorities arrived the car had been moved.


JAN. 14

Public assist. A man called police after locking himself inside his vehicle in the 1100 block of Hadley Avenue. The vehicle's battery had died and the power locks were not working. The officer helped the man locate the manual lock inside the vehicle and he was able to unlock the door and get out.

JAN. 16

Animal concern. A resident in the 600 block of Grafton Avenue reported a possible injured eagle in her back yard. She told police the eagle had been standing in her yard for hours. When the officer arrived the resident pointed at a shrub she thought was an eagle. The officer told her it was a shrub.


JAN. 13

Assist. After responding to several alarm reports for a business in the 21000 block of Ozark Avenue, authorities showed the business a 12-month log of alarm calls and advised about the ordinance for false alarms.


JAN. 14

Suspicious activity. A homeowner in the 300 block of Webster Road confronted two men who were snow blowing his driveway. The men said they worked for a snow removal company and his address was on their list. They left abruptly with the driveway only half cleared.


JAN. 14

Neighbor complaint. A resident in the 10000 block of Waterfront Drive reported her neighbor across the street keeps pushing snow from his driveway into her yard. A letter was sent to the neighbor informing him that moving the snow to another yard is against the law and he should advise the company he contracts with to devise a better plan for snow removal.

JAN. 15

Suspicious activity. Numerous mailboxes were reported open on Penny Lane, Brittany Lane and Windsor Lane before the letter carrier arrived. Mailboxes were also reported opened on Savanna Oaks Lane, Magnolia Drive and Alder Lane the next day.

Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.