Dumping complaint. Police received a call about several smelly garbage bags that had been dumped in a yard in the area of 40th Street and Neal Avenue. The bags were gone when police checked on the report.



Camping complaint. A group of campers was reported being loud and disrespectful at the St. Croix Bluffs Regional Park, 10191 St. Croix Trail. The group, which camped at several adjoining sites, was gone when a deputy checked the grounds the next day. There was a lot of trash left at the sites. A woman from the group was contacted, and she didn't think the group was too loud considering all the children there.



Found object. An inoperable Vipertek stun gun was found in the 4000 block of Victor Path.



Neighbor harassment. Someone in the 8000 block of Hill Trail reported the doorbell ringing at 1 a.m.; nobody was at the door when the resident checked. The resident said this has been an ongoing issue. Cameras had been set up, but they showed nothing for this incident.



Motorcycle rally complaint. Police received a call from someone suggesting it was dangerous for a fire engine to be leading a motorcycle rally on St. Croix Trail near 124th Street. The complainant was assured it was not dangerous.



Animal complaint. A pit bull was found and contained in the 6300 block of 10th Street. As the dog's license was being checked at the police station, another pit bull owned by the same person was brought in. The owner was out of town, and the person who was supposed to be watching the dogs told police they dug a hole under a fence and escaped.

Noise complaint. An officer was dispatched to the 2200 block of Grospoint Avenue on a report of trees being cut and ground up all day. The resident at the address, who had hired a tree-trimming service, was warned he was in violation of an ordinance prohibiting commercial construction activity on Sundays.

Miscellaneous information. Police received a call from a woman who said a man dressed in a woman's tennis outfit asked her to take a picture of him at the tennis courts at Skyview Community School, 1100 Heron Av. He told her he lost a bet with his wife. She took one photo and left.



Trespassers. A deputy checked on a report of a vehicle parked outside a gravel pit on 218th Street off Lofton Avenue. There was a no-trespassing sign near where the vehicle was parked. A citation was put on the windshield for a vehicle left unattended.



Junk vehicle. A vehicle in violation of the junk vehicle ordinance was reported parked in the 8300 block of Landon Avenue. The owner told police the vehicle had been in an accident recently and he wasn't sure what he was going to do about it. He agreed to move it into a garage away from public view.


Crosswalk violation. A juvenile was issued a citation for a crosswalk violation at the intersection of Pioneer Drive and Bailey Ridge Road. An officer held the citation to allow the juvenile the chance to write and turn in a three-page paper about the incident. She did, and the citation was canceled.

Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.