It will be announced Monday that the Vikings will partner with the Minnesota State Lottery to create the first-ever Vikings scratch game. The game will debut on Tuesday but will play no role in helping fund the new stadium the Vikings have been trying to get.

The Vikings decision to get involved in this comes a year after the NFL gave the OK for teams to make deals with state lotteries that allowed team logos to be used on scratch-off lottery games. Eighteen teams took advantage of this to create a corporate partnership in 2009, but the Vikings ended up waiting a year after not reaching an immediate agreement.

Customers will be able to play the Vikings game for a $200,000 top prize, and a second chance to win a VIP season ticket package for four. Sales of the scratch game will help support critical environmental funding and the general fund.

The Vikings not only now will have a sponsorship from the lottery, but there will be a potential revenue share once the Minnesota State Lottery meets a certain threshold from a sales standpoint, according to Vikings chief marketing officer Steve LaCroix.

Tony Saucier, who works in public relations for the state lottery, told Viking Update that the Vikings will get $193,000 for use of their team brand and receive a royalty payment when the sales of the lottery ticket exceed $9 million.   

LaCroix made it clear that this scratch game is in no way related to a stadium. "Gov. Pawlenty came out, when he was talking this past spring, about how a lottery ticket could create proceeds for a new stadium," LaCroix said. "This is a corporate partnership with the Minnesota State Lottery. We still think the lottery could be one of many viable ways to generate funds for a new stadium but this specific launch of product is not related to a new stadium."

Promotion for the scratch game will include two television and radio ads that will feature former Vikings defensive tackle John Randle, who will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this summer.

On another note, LaCroix said Vikings' single-game tickets will go on sale toward the end of July. As for the season-ticket situation, LaCroix said "our renewals are in tremendous shape" and that the team expects to end up with about 94 percent of it customers having renewed their tickets.

"That will put us in that very solid range of where we need to be," LaCroix said. "We're much better than we were a year ago."

The Vikings had a season ticket number in the lower 50,000 range in 2009, according to LaCroix, but expect that number to be in the mid to upper 50,000 range this season.



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