The release of the 2017 NFL schedule Thursday night stirred up Vikings fans still mourning last season’s meltdown.

The 16-game schedule that features the usual NFC North Division rivals along with New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Baltimore, Cleveland, Washington, Carolina, Los Angeles, Cincinnati and Atlanta has many fans concerned 2017 will look much like the second half of the 2016 season.

Vikings fan @RolyaRegna tweeted “As much as I love my vikings, I really feel like we're gonna blow it again this year.”

Star Tribune columnist Patrick Reusse tweeted “ I had Vikings at 7-9 w/ sweep of Lions. Now that I see they are in Detroit on Turkey Day, make it 6-10.

Daniel Kroska was optimistic about the 2017 lineup, tweeting “I think the Vikings are going to be back in the playoffs because everyone underestimates them and their schedule is very winnable."

There were highlights in the schedule fans celebrated including the Monday Night Football opener at U.S. Bank Stadium and no Thursday night football games.  

Here is more reaction to the 2017 schedule: comments
"To me, anything better than what they did last year will hopefully show a team on the upswing rather than the downturn. My hopes would be for 10-6 and make the playoffs. Time will tell!"

Dustymorfitt: "0 and 2 for sure. The Tampa game in week 3 could be tricky as well. If they lose that they could honestly start 0-6 since they never can win at Soldier Field (or on primetime). Would 0-6 finally get Spielman fired? Doubtful."

Olivio: "5-11 if they're lucky."

elliottMess: "Wow: the Vikings have ONE home game in a seven-week stretch of October, November and December? Brutal."

Wilfcharity: "If it's the Vikings that opened the season 5-0 last year I'd say 11-5 if its the team that showed up after the break 3-13."

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