Sasha Doran, the junior quarterback at Wayzata High School, has become one of Minnesota's best-known international ambassadors of goodwill. The story of Sasha and his sisters Nadya and Elena was first documented in a story I authored in September. You can see it by CLICKING HERE.

The story continues to grow. The Dorans traveled to Russia after Christmas to visit the Pechory Orphanage where Sasha, Nadya and Elena lived until they were adopted by John and Mary Ellen Doran of Plymouth seven years ago. ESPN has chronicled the story since midway through the football season and accompanied the Dorans on their return to Russian for an upcoming story to be shown on the sports network.

The Dorans also shot home video of their travels, which is posted on YouTube. It is in two segments; you can see the first segment HERE and the second segmenet HERE.

The Dorans raised funds before the trip in order to give gifts and basic necessities to the 250 orphans living in the Pechory Orphanage. The video includes a shopping trip in Russia, with carts overflowing. You will surely be moved by the video of the children of the orphanage gathering for a Christmas party; the most touching segments shows very small kids enjoying toys and stuffed animals, courtesy of the Dorans and all those who donated to this wonderful cause.

This is special, special stuff. Enjoy.

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