When I moved to the Twin Cities 25 years ago, the "best of" issues from The Reader, City Pages, Skyway News and Minneapolis St. Paul magazine introduced me to unknown places I should try. I still devour any "best of" list from a publication, blog or website, but for different reasons. Now I look at them to respectfully disagree or agree or to look for an offbeat choice that I haven't heard of.

I encourage you to check out the "Best of MN" tab in the Star Tribune on May 16 or online. It includes the best county fair, best state park, best hiking trail, best places for canoeing (in and out of the metro), best budget golf course, best men's store on a tight budget, best gift shop for men or women, and best home furnishings stores. Foodies can check out the selections for cheap eats and wine store outlets. 


Stroll through our selections, nod your head at a couple, feel a sense of outrage at an omission or two, and check out a couple of spots that you hadn't heard of before. That's the beauty of a Best Of. 


Feel free to comment if there's a fave of yours that we didn't give its due.