Remember the thrill of getting real mail delivered right to your home? Not just bills and junk, but handwritten letters and post cards from friends who thought about you when they saw a good movie, or were on vacation and took the time to write a note?

Well, Twin Cities architect Peter Kramer has turned that thrill into a show at Grand Hand Gallery in St. Paul. He's printed up some of his amusing and elegant drawings as regulation-size postcards and then added collage bits and other hands-on touches. Subjects range from urbanscapes to a whimsical series of "Failed Minimalist Bedrooms."

Kramer's idea is that for $20 anyone can buy one of his original cards, add an address, a stamp and a personal message, drop it into a handy postbox, and let the U.S. Post Office do the rest. The card will bring a smile to a friend's face and (maybe) help keep the postal service in business. Benjamin Franklin would approve.

Kramer's cards will be featured with abstract paintings and ceramics by Kathy Wismar. (Opening 5 p.m. - 7 p.m., Feb. 4, free. Grand Hand Gallery, 619 Grand Av. (Grand and Dale), St. Paul. Show ends March 4, free. 651-312-1122 or

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