Q I've noticed, especially on sitcoms, that outside stock shots of houses don't match up with the interiors.

"King of Queens" used several different front shots of the Heffernen house that didn't match the "looking out" shots from the interior. Most recently on "Mike & Molly," exteriors of Molly's house and Peggy's house changed almost from scene to scene.

Who is responsible for those types of things matching up? Do they think viewers aren't smart enough to notice?

A You're not alone in noticing this.

The house in "The Brady Bunch" is one example. When you think about the interior layout -- you walk in the front door and the stairs going up are straight ahead -- it doesn't match the exterior. When you look at the house on the outside, it's clear that the second story is to the left of the front entrance.

Veteran TV producer Jeff Greenstein, who has worked on "Friends," "Will & Grace" and "Desperate Housewives," offered this insight: "The production designer, set designer and art director coordinate such matters, and, yes, they do make a sincere effort to have the establishing shots kinda-sorta match the interiors.

"For example, they might replicate a distinctive door shape or window detail to provide a visual connection. But it's rarely perfect, especially on multicamera shows, where the establishing shot is often selected long after the set is built."


'Children' likely done for good

Q Does "The Chew" (which replaced the soap "All My Children" on ABC) have the same viewing audience that the soap had? Also, do you know if "All My Children" will be picked up on the Internet or on cable at some point?

A "All My Children" is unlikely to be picked up by a cable or Internet channel.

As for ratings for "The Chew," it depends on which ratings you want to look at. An ABC press release from March touted "The Chew" surpassing the year-ago ratings of "All My Children" among women 18 to 34 while being just shy of the "All My Children" ratings in total viewers (3 percent lower).


Say goodbye to SOAPnet

Q Why did Comcast take SOAPnet off its lineup and replace it with Disney Jr.? I can never catch up on my soaps because I work weekdays and can only catch bits and pieces. Will SOAPnet come back to the lineup? I'm unhappy.

A I reported in March that Disney was phasing out SOAPnet in favor of Disney Jr. and that Comcast would make the switch in April. Once SOAPnet leaves a cable system, it won't be back. Eventually, the network will cease to exist.

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