Bunny tales

“Peter Rabbit” (11 a.m., Nick) bounces back in new adventures aimed at the preschool audience. In the season premiere, our wascally wabbit tries to find out who has been stealing his beloved radishes.

A call to arms

PBS is doing its part to further the discussion about gun control in the wake of some of the most tragic shootings in U.S. history. “After Newtown: Guns in America” (8 p.m., KTCA, Ch. 2) takes a look at the country’s enduring relationship with firearms, followed by “Frontline: Raising Adam Lanza” (9 p.m., KTCA, Ch. 2), an in-depth profile of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter. “Nova: Mind of a Killer” and “The Path to Violence” air on Wednesday, starting at 8 p.m.

The doctor is in

You’re forgiven if you didn’t realize that “Body of Proof” (9 p.m., KSTP, Ch. 5) was not canceled and now returns with new episodes. You’ll also be forgiven if you think star Dana Delany deserves a better vehicle to showcase her talent.

Neal Justin