Snap judgments

Photographer Thomas Allen Harris asks folks to share their “Family Pictures,” revealing an intimate history of America in this three-part series that starts in North Carolina. There are more effective ways to learn about this country’s past, but the episodes may make you think twice before deleting those selfies on your cellphone. “Pictures” concludes Tuesday with visits to Detroit and southwest Florida.

8 p.m., TPT, Ch. 2

American horror story

“The Terror: Infamy,” the second season of a horror anthology series, has the requisite ghosts, but its most bone-chilling element is the story’s backdrop — a Japanese-American internment camp, harking back to an all-too-real chapter in history. The supernatural elements are unnecessary; watching immigrants be unjustly incarcerated is scary enough.

8 p.m., AMC

Turn to Stone

“Straight Up Steve Austin” allows the former professional wrestler to engage in “bromances” with guests, such as comedian Rob Riggle, who are downright giddy to be around the host. “Stone Cold” is so busy showing off his jacked-up Jeep and crushing abandoned cars with a tank that there’s barely time for questions.

10 p.m., USA

Neal Justin