Updated at 2:25 p.m.

Arguing that Uptown needs more consistent representation on the City Council, Meg Tuthill announced Monday morning that she would continue seeking re-election despite losing the DFL endorsement.

Tuthill, who has served on the council since 2009, left her future plans up the air after Lisa Bender snagged the party nod at the Ward 10 convention in April. Unlike two of her colleagues, Tuthill did not drop out of contention before losing the endorsement.

"We have been represented by three council members over the past 12 years and each time we train in a new council member, the priorities of the ward get pushed behind," Tuthill said in a statement. "This leaves our residents and the business community shortchanged."

Tuthill added that long-term visions will be important in the ward as development projects proceed at a rapid clip.

Bender did not immediately return a message seeking comment on Monday morning. Bender won the endorsement after several rounds, when supporters of Kendal Killian threw their support behind her.

Bender said she is running because the ward needs leadership that is "more inclusive, more proactive."

"We don't need a city council member who goes back on her word, regardless of how anyone feels about the DFL endorsement process or the DFL endorsement," Bender said. "Council member Tuthill has on multiple occasions said she would abide by the endorsement. So I think people should be concerned about having a council member who's gone back on her word."

Ken Martin, chair of the state DFL, said they are “disappointed” by Tuthill’s decision. “I think it’s going to be hard for her to appeal to voters when she says one thing and does another,” Martin said.

He added that they will put the full weight of the party behind Bender’s candidacy. And he hinted that Tuthill may face significant obstacles ahead if she loses and seeks public office again.

“Meg better hope she wins, because she is taking on the whole party establishment now,” Martin said. “I think it was a really miscalculated decision on her part.”