Small airlines still have impact

Even with 70 percent of domestic traffic in the hands of four major carriers, low-cost airlines still have influence. According to a new study by travel planning site Hopper, when JetBlue entered a market, prices fell by as much as 67 percent; for Spirit and Frontier, prices dropped 30 percent. And although those lower fares gradually rose again, they didn't typically rise as high as they had been.

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Frontier adds carry-on fees

Last Monday, Frontier Airlines quietly started charging passengers for storing carry-ons overhead. The fees range from $25 (for frequent flyers booking in advance) to $50 (for people who pay at the gate), and will affect economy-fare tickets purchased on or after April 28. A bag that can fit under a seat remains free.


Travel trend Chinese hope Vegas show is just the beginning

The makers of the first Chinese-produced resident show on the Las Vegas Strip say they hope it will bridge a cultural gap with the United States and clear the way for other Chinese artists. "PANDA!" has show dates at the Palazzo running through July. It's produced by the team behind the Beijing Olympics' opening and closing ceremonies, and mixes pandas and kung-fu fighters with the striking special effects and the kind of acrobatics that have become a Sin City staple. An increasing number of Chinese artists have been taking to U.S. stages, especially after China set a national priority a decade ago to export its cultural offerings. The arts build goodwill between countries, although experts say some of China's "soft-power" gains are canceled out by "hard-power" policies toward its neighbors.


on the web App provides prioritizing while on the road

The AwayFind app really works, and it works fast. The bad news: After being free for the first 30 days, it costs $5 to $49.99 a month. The app, available for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, alleviates the need to check e-mail continuously by letting you filter which topics and people you need to hear from when you're away. Assign priority e-mail addresses or keywords and AwayFind will send an SMS text when they arrive. You can even fine-tune what time of day you'd like to be notified. It supports several e-mail providers that use IMAP but not Yahoo or Hotmail.

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Hotel check-in Great lodgings alongside a Great Lake

The south shore of Lake Ontario has a wonderful, intimate bed-and-breakfast place, the Maxwell Creek Inn, overlooking the lake's Maxwell Bay. The 1846 cobblestone structure was part of the Underground Railroad, and the delicious breakfasts provide a sense of this, as they are served in the daylight basement in front of the original stone fireplace. The picturesque grounds are extensive and available to guests for activities such as fishing or simply curling up with a good book. Rates start at $135 (Sodus, N.Y.; 1-315-483-2222;

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