Americans are obsessed with work. It can be argued that we wouldn't have gotten to where we are today without that ethos. But being obsessed with work has come with a price.

Work dominates our politics, our news and, most important, our lives. For many, work isn't over simply because you left the office for the day or you're on "vacation." For those who find themselves in a position where they can't work at work, technology has been a godsend. But the ability to work anywhere in the world can be dangerous.

Private company information that wouldn't be an issue to discuss at your office, is suddenly at risk when you take your work out of the friendly confines of your cubicle. To keep company information away from unwanted eyes and ears Regus, a flexible workspace provider, gives these tips for working away from the office.

• When you are on the phone in public, find alternatives to using company names or the names of products and projects.

• Use a privacy screen on your laptop.

• When in an elevator, avoid naming names as well as why you are there.

• When possible, try to find a place to work that's behind closed doors or at least that's quiet enough so that you won't have to shout.

• If something about your company is too private, simply don't talk about it outside of the office.