Matt: Can you give me a good source for résumé writing? I just don't have time to put one together and mine hasn't been updated for nine years.

Matt: If you go to and type in Minnesota résumés, you get a laundry list of area résumé services. While it's easy to find a résumé service or writer that will work with you, finding the right résumé writer for you is the key. If you were having home repairs done, you would check with several contractors, get several bids, and check references or referrals to find out as much information as you can.

The same should be done when searching for a professional résumé writer.

While you indicate you don't have time to work on your résumé, keep in mind, you will need to spend time working with the résumé writer to provide information, work history and any other proof of performance to give the writer the best opportunity to present your information the best they can. A good résumé writer will be able to ask you probing questions - either over the phone or through e-mail - to help pry information out of you. They will not only ask about your work history, but they should ask about your education, training, professional organizations or development, and career path and goals.

You should be prepared to tell them what you hope to do with your résumé. For example, is there a specific position or company you are applying for, or do you want something to test the market in case you find positions you like? Look for résumé writers who are willing to make adjustments to your résumé without additional charges. And, ask if their fees also include cover letters, or are those extra? Set clear expectations and understand the timeline of when the résumé will be finished.

"A well-written résumé and cover letter increase your chance of landing an interview," says Joan Runnheim Olson of Pathways Career Success Strategies. "Make an investment in your future by hiring someone who is up-to-date with the latest résumé techniques and knows how to highlight your skills and accomplishments."

Below is a list of reputable résumé writing services I recommend. I have personal experience or contacts with all of these and know they will do a good job:

Minnesota WorkForce Center,, 1.888.GET.JOBS

Guaranteed Résumés, 952.946.7952

Prototype Career Services, 651.224.2856

WomenVenture, 651.646.3808

Pathways Career Success Strategies, 715-808-0344