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Matt Krumrie answers readers' questions about job-hunting the first Sunday of each month. Matt has 10 years of experience reporting on the employment industry.
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Ask Matt: Can I get a job if I don't have any references?

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Ask Matt: How can volunteering help my career?

Dear Matt: I know it’s important to volunteer and give back, but how does it really help me in the job search, or with…

Ask Matt: Should I look for jobs outside my degree?

Dear Matt: I’m starting a new job search. I have a bachelor’s degree in business management and an associate degree in accounting. I’ve only…

Ask Matt: Why do new hires get bonuses and I don't?

Dear Matt: I’ve been working for the same company for five years. Our industry is facing a labor shortage, so now our company offers…

Ask Matt: How can I overcome barriers to work?

Dear Matt: What advice do you have for job seekers overcoming barriers to employment, such as a criminal record or drug or alcohol dependency?…

Ask Matt: How can I manage a telecommute policy?

Dear Matt: I’m a manager at a company with staff who work in the office full-time and some who work from home on occasion…

Ask Matt: Can I move up after taking a lateral job?

Dear Matt: I was unemployed and took a job that was nothing more than a lateral move to help pay the bills and make…

Ask Matt: How can I make my job application stand out?

Dear Matt: UnitedHealth Group recently announced plans to hire 1,700 employees and add 1,000 telecommuting positions. What can I do to stand out among…

Ask Matt: Got any tips for a nervous networker?

Dear Matt: I started attending networking events but they make me nervous. Do you have any professional networking and etiquette tips you can share?…

Ask Matt: I want the job, but what about layoffs?

Dear Matt: I’m considering taking a job with a company that has just gone through some widely publicized layoffs and changes. How do I…

Ask Matt: How can I find the career I really want?

Dear Matt: I need to start over in my career — make a fresh start. How can I create my own job search and…

Ask Matt: How should I explain a six-month job?

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Ask Matt: I hate self-promotion. How can I get over it?

Dear Matt: I struggle with self-promotion because I don’t like talking about myself. I feel like I’m bragging and have a hard time conveying…

Ask Matt: How can I keep my job search positive?

Dear Matt: I’ve hit some roadblocks in my job search. Can you provide some insight on the power of positive thinking in the job…

Ask Matt: How can I prepare for a workplace assessment?

Dear Matt: Why do companies use workplace assessments and how can job seekers prepare for them as part of the interview? Matt says:…

Ask Matt: What can I do now to get a job after college?

Dear Matt: I’m starting my senior year of college and want to start focusing on my job search now. What tips do you have?…

Ask Matt: Is taking a new job really the best move?

Dear Matt: I’m considering leaving my current job. How does anyone really know if their next job is a better job or the right…

Career Portfolios

A growing trend in the job market is using a career portfolio. Carmen Croonquist, M.S.E., the director of career services at the University of Wisconsin-River…

Ask Matt: Volunteer Work On Resume

Question: I haven't done any "work for pay" in 12 years, but I have done a lot of volunteer work. How do I address this on my résumé? Also should I include my employment from the 1980s? Matt: Paid, unpaid, overpaid, underpaid — work is work, says Kevin Donlin, president of Edina- based Guaranteed Résumés (

Getting The Most From An Outplacement Service

Dear Matt: I have been let go from my company and as part of my severance package I have been provided with an outplacement service to help with my job and career search. How do I get the most from this service?

Stay On Top Of Technology

Technology is always changing and job seekers who keep on top of the latest trends and learn new skills will become more marketable to employers. You don't have to be a techie, but you do have to know the importance of becoming technically savvy in and out of your profession.

Overcome Being Labeled A Job-Hopper

Employers don't want to hire workers who jump from job to job. But by highlighting your accomplishments and skills, those who have moved from job to job can help overcome the stigma of being labeled a job hopper

Advice For The Older Worker

How can a qualified older worker get past the first interview? Matt Krumrie advises older workers to highlight how they can successfully fill the immediate needs of the employer in the interview.

Help! It's Busy Season And I Want More Time Off

It's tough when you are working long hours and through the day and into the night. It's even tougher when your family and personal life are affected. Before you think there isn't a solution, develop a plan and present it to your employer to see if just maybe you can make it work.

Preparing For Possible Layoff

The best time to look for a job may be when you have a job — especially if you feel a layoff may be in your future. Take these steps to make sure when and if the time comes, you are already on track to finding a new job.

Finding A Job Of The Future

What may be considered a hot job to one person may not be to you. That's why it's important you assess what your skills and interests are before deciding on what educational program to choose. There are a number of great resources available for Minnesota job seekers. Read more to find out how to create your own hot jobs list.

How To Find A Part-time Job

Getting a second or part-time job is a great way to help deal with rising costs of living. Before you look for just any job, assess what it is you really want out of a part-time job. Identify your goals and take the process seriously and you will not only earn some extra money, but make new personal and professional contacts that can benefit you down the road.

Negotiating A Severance Package

Finding out you lost your job is a crushing experience. Being offered a severance package is a positive that can hopefully help lessen the blow. However, before you accept a severance package, think things through to make sure you understand what is being offered and what options you may have before agreeing to terms.

Network Marketing

By expanding your network and making new contacts you become more marketable to potential employers and clients. By cultivating and developing business relationships, you just may find the success and motivation you are looking for.

Birthday Celebrations At Work

Are birthday celebrations at work a good team building exercise, or just a waste of work time? Matt Krumrie gives some advice on how to have some good old-fashioned fun while keeping the work environment productive and professional.

Looking To Change Careers To Be Home More

Wanting to spend more time with family? It's best to review all of your options before making the decision to work nights. Matt Krumrie suggests thinking through the physical and mental changes that come along with working different hours.

Approaching A Company Without Job Postings

How can you land a job at a company that doesn't have any openings posted? Matt Krumrie gives some advice on how to get your foot in the door the old fashioned way.

My Boss Steals My Ideas!

Ever had a co-worker or boss that steals your ideas? Matt Krumrie gives some advice on how to patent your ideas in the workplace.
Salary Negotiations

Salary Negotiations

Have you ever negotiated salary after getting a job offer? Matt Krumrie encourages all job-seekers to negotiate thoughtfully and to consider the entire compensation package, not just hourly wages.

Offered Job, But Never Heard Back

Have you ever been offered a job, only never to hear from your new employer again? Matt Krumrie gives some advice on what to expect after a background check, and how to follow through.

Finding a Mentor Can Help You Find Success

For those interested in learning from colleagues and the successes of other professionals, mentorship can be a great opportunity. Matt Krumrie gives some suggestions on where to find great mentors.

Playing The Waiting Game

Have you ever been on the verge of being offered a job after a long and successful interviewing process, but then for some reason, the employer rejects you? Matt Krumrie advises job seekers to take control of their job search and not to wait around.

Terminated And Not Getting Hired

How do you tell a prospective employer that you've been fired from a previous job? Matt Krumrie gives valuable advice on how to approach this topic in an application and during an interview.

Working With A Friend As A Boss

Can a good friend be a good boss as well? Matt suggests taking the proper precautions and having a serious discussion with the friend before making any decisions.

How To Say No To An Interview After You've Said Yes

How do you withdraw from consideration for a job after you have committed to an interview? Matt Krumrie advises job seekers to be honest with possible employers to show consideration of their time.

Using Family Leave to Care For Elderly Parents

For those who need a leave of work to care for a family member or themselves the Family Medical Leave Act allows employees 12 weeks of unpaid time to address those concerns. Matt Krumrie gives some advice on how to create a plan of action before approaching a manager.

Co-Worker Is Loud And Talks Too Much

Dear Matt: I sit around a group of people and one of my co-workers is always talking and very loud. What can I do to get him to stop talking, while maintaining peace and a professional working relationship?

Interview Practice Makes Perfect

Interviewing is about confidence in your ability and skill set, and conveying that message to the hiring manager. Use resources like the Minnesota Workforce Center for interviewing tips, and practice with friends or in front of a camera to boost confidence.

Explaining Breaks In Employment

Question: I lost my job six months ago and have not found a new one. What do I say when asked about this gap in employment?