Tila finds her biggest fan in a mirror

Tila finds her biggest fan in a mirror


This woman has more issues than the archives for the New York Times:

The Los Angeles Police Department over the weekend issued a warning to reality television star Tila "Tequila" Nguyen after receiving calls to check on her welfare. She tweeted disturbing, bloody pictures of herself and then stated that "I feel tired. I'm going to take my medicine and sleep all day. Don't worry about me." It was apparently a hoax, but some of her followers thought she might have harmed herself and called the cops.


The tweets blamed "Jane" -- a possible multiple-personality character of her own making -- for cuts that she said were made to her arm (but that apparently turned out to be fake).

So they were fake cuts made by a self-created multiple-personality character? This is one step away from carrying around a plastic baby and saying the father of the child is Batman. But it’s an act. There are videos on YouTube, posted by Ms. Tequila herself, in which she professes to be Jane; apparently that consists of standing on a box, shouting YO YO YO and asking the viewer if y’all ready for this.


We had not sufficiently girded our loins, and had to click the pause button.

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