Brett Favre is here. We will likely see him in purple for real (sort of) in a preseason game tomorrow. In just a few weeks, if all goes according to plan, he will be under center for the Vikings' first game. By then, the circumstances of how he arrived here will largely be forgotten. For now, though, with the surreal story still fresh in so many minds, we want to highlight some good work today by Judd Zulgad and take one more swing through how he came to be a Viking.

The main question at play: was this really a sudden change of heart spurred on by a Monday phone call from Brad Childress, or was Favre's comeback after training camp a well-orchestrated wink-wink maneuver understood by Favre and possibly Childress for weeks?

As Zulgad points out, we are talking about Favre -- so logic, in some cases, flies out the window. He could have just realized he was wasting one more opportunity and had a change of heart, as he and his brother suggest. Or he could have been betting all along that the Vikings were desperate enough to take him on his terms, so he skipped training camp and still got everything he wanted. Or, Childress and others in the organization could have been in on it the whole way -- knowingly giving in to his demands but publicly saying otherwise.

We're interested to hear what you think. As for us, we're pretty skeptical that this was a 24-hour turnaround -- though, like we said, in a few weeks none of this will really matter.


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