This is the third time we've typed this post. The first time it froze early. The second time it froze right at the end. We are now surly.

That said, let's start by throwing a bouquet at Roughkat. Great job organizing last night's RandBall Varsity Fantasy Football Draft. Aside from Toonces51 struggling early with Google chat and Stu having a page refresh problem once that led him to be seven picks behind and wondering why everyone was taking so long when really it was his turn, things went really well. As smooth as could be expected, we would say, for a bunch of disorganized guys.

But, now that we've offered up that platitude, we have to throw a brick: to everyone who failed to inform us that this is not 2007. See that roster? LaDainian Tomlinson, Brian Westbrook, Tony Gonzalez, Kurt Warner, Hines Ward, Reggie Bush, Fred Taylor? It's like we grabbed an old fantasy cheat sheet by mistake. Our team should be OK, provided there are plenty of cold baths and rolls of athletic tape in the Victory Bacon stable. Or it could be a complete failure. Sometimes you have to roll the dice. Speaking of which ... other highlights from the night:

*Us -- Sometimes you have to roll the dice. DaveMN -- I haven't really rolled the dice much tonight. Us -- Dave, you roll the dice every time you get up in the morning.

*Stu's copious trash-talking, including a lot of AV-style caps. RYAN LONGWELL IS BRETT FAVRE'S FRIEND.

*Homer of the draft goes to Roughkat, with three Vikings (PJ, Chester Taylor and Percy Harvin). The Marth, who did NOT win last year and CANNOT accept prizes, has two Vikings. Who did win last year? JPF took Brett Favre in the 10th round.

*You can view the entire draft right here; by comparison, you can look at the all-female draft completed last night by one of the women at the table next to us. She was interested in the proceedings at our table. She's a kickball player, so take it easy on her league. (Note: Before it was converted to a Google doc, her draft had all the names color-coded. Take note, Roughkat: color-coding could improve our draft next year).


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