Rico Roman will be getting his kicks Tuesday night on "America's Got Talent" -- at the expense of one of his best friends.

Roman, a Minneapolis-based videographer, is among the crew abusing the, um, private parts of stuntman Zac Gordon, aka the Horse, one of the most buzzed-about contestants on summer's hottest television show.

The group's appearance in June was unanimously praised by all three judges, particularly Howard Stern, who insisted that host Nick Cannon deliver a few blows to the Horse's groin, just to make certain that Roman and company weren't holding back.

"The crowd had been ruthless earlier in the day and I was just worried about getting booed," Roman said. "But as soon as the Horse started doing pull-ups and one of the guys kicked him between the legs, the crowd erupted."

The act will learn during Wednesday's 8 p.m. program whether it made the top 24 finalists. Tuesday's live episode airs at 7 p.m. on KARE, Ch. 11, to be immediately followed by the Horse's rendezvous with an ice pack.