We have no horse in this race. We don't even fully understand what is going on here, other than that it seems as though the Amarillo Bulls of the North American Hockey League are being accused of purposely losing a game in order to enhance their own playoff standings. We don't know how that is possible. It possibly would be easy to figure out.

But we don't really care.

All we care about is that everything about the story written on juniorhockey.com, the tweets referenced and the comments thereafter are, in a word, priceless.

It's everything that makes a guy love going to any high school game below the college level. Hockey fans are simply the best, and they're even better when they are upset at each other.

Here is the first paragraph, as written by self-described investigative opinion writer Stephen Heisler, who also has a Mexico-based classic rock station:

The North American Hockey League's Amarillo Bulls are by far the dirtiest hockey team I have ever come across and their reputation was soiled further on Sunday. Many around the league believe that the Bulls purposely lost big to the Wenatchee Wild (7-0) in order to punch their ticket to today's championship final.

Again, we don't know if this is true. We just know that we love the story. Please do have a look-see.

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