Gophers starters Rodney Williams and Joe Coleman, both Twin Cities natives, grew up hearing stories of how loud Williams Arena used to get. But they hadn't really heard it for themselves -- until this season's Big Ten opener against Michigan State. It promises to be even louder for Thursday's showdown against Michigan. Here are some thoughts on the Barn from Williams and Coleman:

• Williams: "I don't remember too much from it, but from the stories that our trainer tells and all the guys that have been here for a while, they tell us how loud it used to get in here and how crazy it was when they made that Final Four run. ... You definitely get sick of hearing stories like that and then when it finally happened, it was a real special moment for me, because I've never seen it like that, in all my four years. I think in order for us to be successful here, we're going to need the atmosphere to be like that every time. When it got loud in there, it definitely sent chills through my body."

• Coleman: "Right now, this is the craziest I've [heard] the Barn, and been in it and been involved in it. It's a pretty good time. It's fun to be involved with it. I heard about it getting loud and when I first started coming here with my brother [ex-Gopher Dan Coleman], they weren't too good, so there weren't too many people that always came. So it got loud, but it never got as loud as I've been hearing it right now."