The Tiffany Sports Lounge in Highland Village in St. Paul is the go-to bar for fans of the University of Kansas basketball team during March Madness. For Jayhawks fan Jake Spano of St. Louis Park, Kansas' game against Boston University in the NCAA tournament was even more of a special event, with his mom and sister visiting from Lawrence, Kan. Spano, second from left, grew up watching KU basketball games after his father started teaching there in 1975. So he is used to tense moments, like the one he shared with his wife, Cate McDonald, his sister, Kate Carnahan, and his daughter, Mia. To their relief -- but not their surprise -- KU came out on top 72-53. "My kids are allowed to root for anybody they want to in any sport they want to, except college basketball," Spano said. "I've done my job. In college basketball there is only one team we root for: KU."