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Jeff Wheeler has been a staff photographer for the Star Tribune since 1987. He's covered a broad range of assignments ranging from the Twins and Vikings playoff runs to Far North canoe adventures in the subarctic. 

Wheeler has also covered the full spectrum of the local music scene, having toured with the Minnesota Orchestra and Trampled By Turtles. A St. Paul native, he attended the University of Minnesota and worked for student newspaper, the Minnesota Daily while there. On weekends while in college he worked for the Star and Tribune as a lab technician in the newspaper's darkroom. After four and a half years as a staff photographer and picture editor at the Hartford (CT) Courant, Wheeler returned to his home state and settled in Minneapolis. He has two teenage children.
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Laura Dalluhn — with her mother, Mary Jo — says she was still in a hospital psychiatric unit when a Greenwood Funding representative called her to

Murky laws hobble judges weighing lifechanging deals for accident victims

The final, often reluctant arbiters in settlement buyout cases are given little information about sellers and few rules on companies seeking to buy.
Advisers tasked with helping Minnesota accident victims often have illegal ties to companies

Advisers tasked with helping Minnesota accident victims often have illegal ties to companies

Steve Matiatos in the basement apartment at his cousin’s house, where he’s living rent free in exchange for doing work around the house and dog si

Accident victims surrender millions to a relentless industry

They suffered tragic, disabling injuries, and the large legal settlements were meant to provide them with a steady income for decades. Then an obscure niche of the financial industry came calling — wanting to cash in.

Minnesota tour kings Trampled by Turtles return to the open road

Spirits were high and worries low as Minnesota's touring kings Trampled by Turtles played their first post-COVID concerts.
Jun Abematsu smiled at a regular customer from behind the counter at his Sushi Takatsu in the Baker Center.

Gallery: Minneapolis skyway business closures

Since the pandemic and the unrest that began after George Floyd's death, most of the 200 or so businesses on or just off the downtown Minneapolis skyway have closed. For places that are still open, business is down 70 to 80%.
Before and after photos show how drastically the pandemic changed life in the Twin Cities

Before and after photos show how drastically the pandemic changed life in the Twin Cities

Once-bustling scenes went quiet as the pandemic brought everyday life in Minnesota to an abrupt halt.
The Minnesota Twins line up for the National Anthem before the game. ] LEILA NAVIDI ï BACKGROUND INFORMATION: The Minnes

No stopping sPRING now

The sun shone bright on the ol' ballyard when the players lined up for the national anthem Thursday, and those shadows are all the evidence…
P.J. Fleck's football mind: What to expect on the field

P.J. Fleck's football mind: What to expect on the field

Exploring the many clues about what the Gophers will look like under first-year coach P.J. Fleck.
Firefighter Dwight Gorder of Crystal works for West Metro Fire Rescue.

Vikings superfans give power to the purple

Sports fans often wear their loyalty on their sleeves, but these Vikings superfans wear it everywhere.

Sixty-eight degrees of separation

These two views of Lake Calhoun were shot nearly one year, and 68 degrees apart. Move the slider in the middle of the image to see the differences between the two scenes.
Sally Welke opened $20 worth of pulltabs that she bought while at the Schooner Tavern in Minneapolis.

Gambling debate: A wager on the state's future

Expanded gambling could earn the state hundreds of millions of dollars. But critics point to legal hurdles and social costs.

The numbers of 9/11

Figures tell part of the story of the tragic Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.
Jake Spano grew up watching University of Kansas basketball games after his father started teaching at the university in 1975. With his mother and sis

The thrill? of victory

The Tiffany Sports Lounge in Highland Village in St. Paul is the go-to bar for fans of the University of Kansas basketball team during March Madness.
Christian Kunau, 11, sipped hot chocolate while working at the Troop 103 Christmas tree lot Friday evening. The lot opened for business lst Friday. It

Visions of Camp

Every Christmas season, Boy Scout Troop 103 sells trees to pay for their activities.
Madelin Beckwith, 6, warmed up on her violin while she waited to walk on stage to audition in the pre-teen competition category Thursday evening. She

Fingers don't fail me now

Six-year-old Madelin Beckwith of Big Lake waited in the wings for her big moment on the Leinenkugel Stage at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

1 more lifted voice

For much of the past eight months, the only house on the 9600 block of Jonathan Lane in Eden Prairie with Barack Obama lawn signs was the Hill house.