‘The Skeleton Twins’

Saturday: After 12 days and 200-some feature films, the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival winds down with “The Skeleton Twins” (⋆⋆⋆, unrated) as its closing selection. Following the sellout of the 7 p.m. screening, a 7:30 performance has been added. The touching comedic drama stars “SNL” veterans Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader in affecting and poignant performances as long-estranged siblings who still carry the childhood scars of their father’s death by his own hand. There are laughs to be sure, but the movie’s themes of abuse, infidelity and suicide are played straight. Wiig is compelling as a sexually compulsive woman who feels stifled in her marriage to a plain-vanilla regular Joe (Luke Wilson), and Hader reveals new depths as her witty but depressive gay brother. Director/co-writer Craig Johnson is scheduled to attend. (St. Anthony Main, 115 SE. Main St., Mpls. $15-$20 at the box office or mspfilm.org.)



They didn’t show us two movies opening Friday in limited release so dig out your Ouija boards. “Authors Anonymous” (PG-13; Southdale Theater) is a mock-documentary about eccentric aspiring novelists. Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting from “Big Bang Theory” stars as a novice writer who lands a lucrative book deal through, shall we say, her extra-literary talents. The late, great Dennis Farina makes his final film appearance as a braggart Tom Clancy wannabe in aviator sunglasses and a safari vest, and Chris Klein plays a Los Angeles pizza delivery guy convinced that has the great American Novel locked up inside him. If you like more booty-shaking in your entertainment, consider the youth-dance-romance flick “Make Your Move” (PG-13; Arbor Lakes and Eden Prairie), which stars “Dancing With the Stars” alum Derek Hough and Korean pop star BoA (yep, that’s her name). Their families own rival dance clubs in New York. so it’s kind of like “Romeo and Juliet” with club dancing. We’ll publish reviews at startribune.com/movies as soon as they become available.