It's a far cry from the homepage teaser headline "Sources: Suh to appeal fine as excessive" to the actual story since Ndamukong Suh himself does not give any opinion about the excessiveness of the fine at all. That said, his agents are at this point doing so in relation to Suh's $100K fine for a low block on the Vikings' John Sullivan during a return Sunday. Per the report:

The NFL has a system based on escalating discipline. Suh's previous fine was $30,000 for kicking Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub in the groin area. Now, the cost for his illegal block on Minnesota Vikings center John Sullivan is $100,000 -- the largest fine in NFL history without a suspension involving the loss of game checks.

Suh, who on Wednesday said his representatives are handling the appeal, wouldn't discuss whether he thought the fine was fair.

"That's not my decision," he said. "I don't really have an opinion on it."

As far as being targeted by the league, Suh said: "That's not my opinion. You really have to ask the league that question."

Meanwhile, no word on a fine (or suspension) for Clay Matthews' late hit out of bounds on Colin Kaepernick, which resembled not so much a football play but a Discovery Channel program in which a lion leaps through the air to murder its prey.

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