From the AP:

Jim Tressel is heading to the NFL.

The disgraced former Ohio State coach was hired Friday by the Indianapolis Colts as a game-day consultant to help determine when the team should challenge plays. Coach Jim Caldwell said it was a position he's wanted to fill for the past couple of years.

"He's a guy I have known for quite some time and have a good relationship with," Caldwell said during a conference call. "We have hired him as a game-day consultant. He was around last night and will be working with us next week."

Caldwell did not provide details on the friendship, but it's likely the two crossed paths on the recruiting trail in the 1980s and early 1990s when both were coaching quarterbacks at big-time schools.

It just proves once again that it's not what you know, or which tattoos you may or may not know about, or the type of cars your allegedly broke college football players are driving ... it's who you know.

Not offered the job, we're guessing? Brad Childress.

*Headline does not apply to avid RandBall reader Chris Kluwe.**

**There is no evidence that Kluwe reads RandBall.

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