Look at A-Rod -- making people laugh! From MLB.com (we'll bold the funny parts for you in case you are too shocked to notice):

In the same pavilion where Alex Rodriguez endured one of his most humbling moments, the Yankees third baseman came prepared on Monday with a line that brought the house down.

"Did anyone watch the Super Bowl?" Rodriguez asked, leaning into a microphone with a wide grin. "Great game."

As a full tent of news reporters and photographers erupted in laughter, Rodriguez's year began on a much less controversial note than some of his most recent ones. The spring of 2009, this was not.

Rodriguez had successfully deflected a stir that had even his teammates joking. During the Super Bowl, FOX cameras showed him in a VIP area at Cowboys Stadium, being fed popcorn by girlfriend and actress Cameron Diaz.

One report indicated that Rodriguez "went ballistic" at having that private moment flashed on millions of television screens across the globe. But A-Rod used different words to describe the incident: "Pretty humorous."

"Absolutely not, I was not upset about it," Rodriguez said. "But probably five or six years ago, I would have probably came out with some bogus statement and probably would have been upset. I thought it was humorous. Who would be upset about getting fed popcorn? It was pretty funny."

A-Rod. Changing his ways? Maybe he and LeBron are trading places like two ships in the night.

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