Good news! This week we offended a couple different groups of people: Packers fans and people who hate the Black Eyed Peas.


E-mail from a Packers fan named Gary (who was more having fun than anything, but still):

Mike, your list of proper etiquette for Packer fans here in Minnesota will dutifully be adhered to with just the following caveat; that the Vikings organization quit pillaging Packer fans by requiring them to purchase a meaningless pre-season ticket for every regular season Vikings-Packers ticket purchased. Until that time, how many Super Bowls have the Vikings won?

Ouch! In case you didn't know, we appeared on Fox9 talking about that very subject as well. Have a look-see here.

Commenter Cantstandya, meanwhile, was among the throng who didn't like the Black Eyed Peas as much as we did. MORE TRON SUITS FOR US, HATERZZZ!

"The halftime show was the best it has been in years..." The show was to WORST in years! Not even a Fergie wardrobe malfunction could have saved it. What planet were you on? Animal Planet? Because, yes, the halftime show there was magnificent.

It was Earth. Promise.

Thankfully, we at least made someone's day in a non-Clint Eastwood way this week. And we blew the lid off a controversy. That doesn't happen all the time.

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