That ranks among the top five favorite headlines we've ever written on this blog. Per comes the tale of Tyler Sash, who played in the NFL for the Giants after playing his college ball for the Hawkeyes (our bold added for emphasis):

Former New York Giants safety Tyler Sash was arrested early Saturday morning in Iowa after leading police on a drunken scooter chase and being shot with a TaserSash, who played two seasons with the Giants, was charged with public intoxication and interference with official acts by police in Oskaloosa, Iowa.

According to multiple reports, police spotted Sash at approximately 1:30 a.m. riding a motorized scooter with its lights off and asked him to stop. Sash, however, reportedly refused on multiple occasions, leading police on a four-block chase before leaving the scooter and fleeing on footPolice eventually found Sash hiding behind a tree and, after the 25-year-old refused to come out, shot him with a Taser.

"Interference with official acts by police" sounds even more complicated than pass interference. 

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