Per the AP, the Packers now have the right to fleece our good neighbours (sic) to the north:

The team said Monday it has cleared Canadian regulatory requirements and is now selling shares north of the border. Each share costs $250. In the U.S., there's also a $25 handling fee. In Canada, the charge is $35.

The NFL's only publicly-owned team originally offered 280,000 shares for sale. It says there were 17,000 shares left as of Feb. 14 and the sale will end no later than Feb. 29.

The money is being used to fund an expansion of Lambeau Field. The shares pay no dividends and have virtually no resale value.

For the last time, Packers fans: We are not jealous that your team can raise money in this ridiculous way. It is a shameless money grab sold as some sort of imaginary "ownership." The fact that 263,000 shares have already been sold makes us question you even more than we already did.

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