Via Fasolamatt:

From CastroTurf's Excruciating Minutae at the Indians MLBlog:

"Plain Dealer columnist Terry Pluto demanded that my minutiae today include mention of his invention of "The Pluto" at a nearby QuikTrip gas station this morning. He took unsweetened iced tea, added a little bit of peach iced tea and a splash of lemon. Voila... "The Pluto." Even by minutia standards, this bit of info qualifies as minutia."

What's your go-to drink at the convenience store? And what is the go-to drink of your favorite Star Tribune writers and bloggers

For us, there's a serious weakness for flavored gas station cappuccino. What about you? And if they have a glazed chocolate donut, they'd better hide it if they want to keep it.


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