Don't program like my brother. Don't program like my brother. NPR says:


NPR announced Friday morning that it will no longer produce the Monday-to-Thursday call-in show Talk of the Nation. It will be replaced by Here and Now, a show produced in partnership with member station WBUR in Boston. Reported stories will be part of the show's format.

The comments, as you might well imagine, indicate that this is not a popular decision.


MISC A great story making the rounds today: how a guy found the miscreant who sold his camera and tried to sell it on Craigslist.

 Would you spend $1700 for donkey cheese? Some people do. Apparently it’s incredible. But: donkey cheese. Sounds like a euphemism for something you find growing in the shower. On the walls, or you, doesn’t matter. Donkey cheese. What could be worse?

 Flying maggot cheese, perhaps.


WRITING There are some sites that just hurt to read. Those strange sites aimed at graphic artists have stories like “23 Free PSD Actions” are written by bloggers who get $2.65 per piece, and hence tend not to dwell on the prose. Pix & Links, pix 7 links. But every so often you get something you swear was translated from Klingon.

The DIRECTV app is especially designed for iPad and iPhone. This spontaneous app shows the ideal combination of usability and advanced technology. DIRECTV app is totally different from other popular iPads apps that perform a bit more than function as attractive brochures, this app for the iPad actually increases the experience of utilizing this famous TV service. Moreover to being intellectual to use, it is complete bliss to behold.

It’s as if Google Translate choked on a string of idioms. Hey, how’s installation? Most people considering buying an iPad app worry about east of installation, you know.

It’s an impulsive to install and build up the DIRECTV app for the iPad. Same as many other apps, user can have easy access in stores and also can avail it through installing and downloading.

And now, my favorite line:

The learning arch is exclusively easy, simple and plodding with the DIRECTV iPad app.

The author has several posts, including “Generous Evaluation of Angry Bird Star Wars HD – App Review.”

Angry Bird is the most exciting and lovely game which is the most playing game for both the gender in addition to every age group from kids to old at the present time. The new and remarkable version with the name of Angry Birds Star Wars HD of this world-wide famous entertaining game is combined with the “Star Wars” characters and weapons.

In respect its interest provoking of game-play; it is basically a mixture of the two previous version of Angry Bird that is Angry Birds and Angry Bird Space. Anyone may assume that Angry Birds Star Wars is identical and the similar game which has been released another time with a little difference in the backgrounds or animations but that’s not like this, for the reason that the Star Wars including new artillery

If English is not the author’s native tongue, fine; I couldn’t write that much in his language. But everything on the site is like that. Who bookmarks an incomprehensible review site? No one. Who reads it? No one. But it’s part of a network of such sites, like “SmashingBuzz - where technology updates live.” Huh? Here’s the opening for a review of “20 Facebook Apps That Help to Enhance Facebook Page.”

Social networking is one of the very strong and popular interaction systems. There are a number of sources through which people are interfacing with each other. The trend of physical interaction is almost finished.

So long, human race; nice knowing you.

Hey, want some WordPress themes? If you’re wondering why you would want some WordPress themes, well:

Nowadays even the businesses and organizations use the web services for the promotion and endorsements of there company, products or services. There are a number of different barriers through which companies’ expand there business. One of them is WordPress.

Expanding through barriers: any businessman will tell you that’s the hard part. Now, if you want to learn about Cloud Computing, well, sit right down and here the learning to be this:

The name cloud computing is derived from the symbol cloud. It is systematic and typical cloud shape. The name cloud computing comes from the cloud shape symbol as an abstraction for the complex infrastructure it contains in system diagrams.

Whoa, slow down. Dial back the technobbable, pal! You’re going way over people’s heads.

The cloud computing is the use of computing resources included both software and hardware. Let’s define software and hardware first. The thing in the computer system which we can touch and see are called hardware such as hard disk and CD ROM etc and the thing in the computer system which we can see but not touch are software such as Read Only Memory and any kind of software etc.

Bad news: email blossoming is still in the future.

Similarly, e-mails has been around since time immemorial (of internet), which are hosted on the servers of their respective hosts and accessed by us from wherever we are using our computing devices and internet access. But still it is a nascent technology, not embraced fully by all. In fact, it is still developing to reach its full blossom

The author has “232 Arcticles” posted.

When there’s an “about” page at one of the network sites, it does not disappoint:

In the realm of design, blogging is inevitable. Keeping this in consideration, Dzinepress Network has started Dzinepress – the design blog that encompasses almost every aspect of designing.

If you want to be a part of this revolutionary blog in designing, contact us at: Because Dzinepress is “where the design world lives!”

We must encourage your suggestions we receive at:

I feel encouraged already. The blogroll goes to cocktail-dress shopping centers, “Apple Umbrella,” and on and on and on. Thousands of posts. No comments. Ads from legitimate companies.  You wonder what percentage of the web is like this. Half? Wouldn't be surprised at all.