Not to make you jealous, but look at my press box seat for one of the great international hockey days in the history of the world:

The press box stretches entire lower box from faceoff circles to faceoff circles. Just think of the money being tossed out the window to house us here? So thank you to the IOC.

It's been an amazing experience and today will hopefully live up to the hype.

Had a fun day yesterday covering ski jumping. First, it was nice to be outside. Second, these fearless people that soar into the air are amazing to see in person. I hurt my foot walking up to the bottom of the hill. These guys at 92 kph soar 110 to 140 meters in the air?

How do you even muster up the guts to do that the first time? I get nervous stepping off a curb.

That Swiss star, Simon Ammann, who won his fourth gold medal, is a beast. He's so good, they dropped the starting gate down four slots basically so he wouldn't fly into the crowd.

OK, hockey next. Enjoy the games and I'll be back later. For real time updates and smart aleck comments, follow me on twitter at,

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