Three observations ...

• If Rex Ryan gets fired, does that mean he'll finally kiss Bill Belichick's rings?

• Here's what the 49ers have done every third week: 24-13 loss at Vikings, 26-3 loss to the Giants, 24-24 tie with St. Louis, 16-13 loss at

St. Louis, 42-13 loss at Seattle.

• Beware when firing coaches. Since the Jaguars fired Tom Coughlin after the 2002 season, Coughlin has twice as many Super Bowl trophies (two) as the Jags have playoff victories.

... and two bold predictions

• Tony Romo has played very well this month, but he's going to be saddled with another season-ending, Week 17 heartbreaker in D.C.

• Adrian Peterson will run for 209 yards, break Eric Dickerson's record, win the MVP, make the playoffs, find a cure for the common hangover, convince people not to drive 50 mph in the left lane, etc., etc.