Three observations ...

• Replacement ref Jeff Sadorus complained to the New York Times that he and his peers were "demonized" by the public. He sounded surprised, meaning he obviously never met an NFL fan.

• Jets coach Rex Ryan is holding off on putting Darrelle Revis on IR because of a torn ACL because "there's that 0.002 percent chance he can play in the Super Bowl." Funny. That's also the Super Bowl chance for every Jets player.

• asked this question on Friday: Is Brandon Weeden the Browns' long-term answer? Unfortunately for Cleveland, the answer is the same as it was for the team's previous 17 starting QBs since 1999: Nope.

... two bold predictions

• This is getting silly, but I refuse to give up on my predicted Super Bowl winner. Saints win at Green Bay. (And when they don't, someone find me an old "Aints" paper bag to wear.)

• The list of undefeated teams will be two after this week. Atlanta beats Carolina, and Arizona beats Miami, but Houston loses to Tennessee.