Based on a study of recent Minnesota tax returns, problems found in TurboTax and other Intuit tax-preparation software earlier this month have been fixed, the Minnesota Department of Revenue announced Tuesday morning.

On March 8, the department warned taxpayers away from the Intuit products because of at least 13 errors found in  the state tax-return portion of the products. The errors, including misdesignating of political contributions and under-application of an education credit for multiple dependents, caused tax returns to be incorrect.

Three days later, the state announced that the problems were on the way toward resolution. It published an error by error checklist that instructed affected taxpayers on what to do to fix tax returns that had already been submitted to the state. Most electronically-submitted returns were corrected automatically by Intuit or the state. Paper returns required taxpayers to submit an amended return.

Because electronic tax sofware can be updated through the internet, it is now safe to use the products, the state says..

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