As delegates' first ballots were being counted, Minnesota DFL Chairman Ken Martin took to the stage at the convention imploring the crowd not to leave without endorsing a candidate for mayor of Minnepaolis.

"There were 10,000-plus peope who came out to the precinct caucuses in Minneapolis - thousands of people who came out to the ward conventions and 1,700 delegates who sit here today, spending their time and energy listening to candidates, debating the issues, persuading their neighbors, talking to their friends about the issues that we care about," said Martin. "It would be a shame if we left here with no endorsement."

Six candidates are vying for the party's endorsement today, though some insiders expect there will be none.

"The value of our party not just here in Minneapolis but throughout the state of Minnesota rests with strong endorsements, strong endorsements that carry the full weight of our party," Martin said.