Where will you sleep tonight? St. Louis County wants to know.

Over 10 days, the northeastern Minnesota county is trying to find and count people who are homeless in order to document where they spent the night of January 22.

This count could be key in shaping Duluth's new efforts to combat homelessness. Read more here.

Getting an accurate count of "unsheltered" homeless people -- those living in sheds, cars, campgrounds or elsewhere -- is tricky. Homeless people who stay in shelters or transitional housing are much easier to find.

But an accurate number is important "because money and resources awarded to communities to fight homelessness are based on documented counts of homeless persons and families," according to the county.

For more information about St. Louis County's work this week, visit its website or call:

Duluth: Stacy Radosevich at (218) 726-2543

Northern St. Louis County: AEOA at (218) 749-2912