Some University of St. Thomas students will show up to this weekend's big game in these.

Each year, the St. Paul school struggles with how to handle shirts created for the rivalry between St. Thomas and St. John's, a TommieMedia article says. As the vice president of student affairs put it:

“What happens afterwards is we get calls; we get letters from people who are mortified that they see St. Thomas students wearing shirts that are so undignified."

The design changes each year. Judging from a scan of Facebook, students order a shirt by posting the size they want on the wall of a Facebook group dedicated to the shirts. The photo above came from a group called "OFFICIAL 2011 Tommie/Johnnie T-Shirt."

Students quoted in the article had mixed opinions about the shirts. A junior said:

“There’s obviously things that are over the line, but I don’t think these shirts are really over the line compared to some of the one’s we’ve seen in the past."

Last year, the school offered students a trade: The rogue T-shirt for an appropriate, university one. This year, the article says, the school won't. Instead, officials could turn students away, or ask them to turn the shirts inside out.

What do you think of the shirts? How should and shouldn't colleges and universities handle student-created paraphernalia at sporting events?