The Vikings’ Latavius Murray is in a familiar position, carrying the running load with Dalvin Cook out because of an injury.

Murray puts fleeting football pleasure ahead of lifelong business plan

The Vikings rely on Latavius Murray's size, durability and sneaky burst out of the backfield. And Murray is equally busy off the field, with a young family and work toward his MBA from Syracuse.

Hartman: Treadwell aims to keep learning with Vikings

Laquon Treadwell has caught 15 passes in 19 targets in the Vikings’ past four games, and he said he has learned from the criticism he received after
Laquon Treadwell said he understands criticism he's received since being drafted No. 23 overall in 2016, but he has worked to learn from that negative experience.

Souhan: Vikings' QB situation hit rock bottom 5 years ago at Meadowlands

Josh Freeman played in only one more NFL game after starting for the Vikings on a Monday night in the Meadowlands in 2013.
On Oct. 21, 2013 the Vikings chose to start the recently acquired Josh Freeman, who had been cut by Tampa Bay, over Christian Ponder and Matt Cassel in a Monday night game against the Giants at MetLife Stadium
Sam Darnold, the No. 3 pick in this year’s draft, has looked good so far, completing 60 percent of his passes with nine TDs and seven interceptions.

Vikings vs. Jets: Sam Darnold is another rookie QB to test

After splitting two games at home against rookie QBs, the Vikings will face Sam Darnold on the road Sunday.

How Murray's salary compares at other positions

Latavius Murray is tied for 17th among running backs in terms of average yearly salary.
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Sam Bradford (8) reacts before his is sacked by Buffalo Bills defensive end Jerry Hughes (55) during the first half of a
upickem Play Star Tribune Football Fever Upickem
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Make your predictions for each game of the 2018 NFL season and you could end up in Hawaii. Here's how to play.
October 13, 1975: Jets quarterback Joe Namath set up to pass, unaware of Vikings end Jim Marshall behind him.

Reusse: Broadway Joe brought the cool to NFL

Minnesota received a full dose of Joe Willie Namath in October, 1975
The Redskins added to their veteran roster in the offseason by acquiring 33-year-old running back Adrian Peterson and 34-year-old quarterback Alex Smi

An old trend: Will Washington win NFC East sans Cousins?

With the 10th-oldest roster in the league, Washington's modern-day "Over the Hill Gang" is 3-2 and atop the NFC East
New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees

Five NFL Week 7 story lines

What to watch this week in the National Football League.
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  • NFC North w l t pct pf pa home away
    Chicago 3 2 0 .600 139 96 2-0 1-2
    Green Bay 3 2 1 .583 148 144 3-0 0-2
    Minnesota 3 2 1 .583 140 148 2-1 1-1
    Detroit 2 3 0 .400 125 137 2-1 0-2
  • NFC South w l t pct pf pa home away
    New Orleans 4 1 0 .800 180 140 2-1 2-0
    Carolina 3 2 0 .600 121 114 3-0 0-2
    Tampa Bay 2 3 0 .400 141 173 1-1 1-2
    Atlanta 2 4 0 .333 167 192 2-2 0-2
  • NFC East w l t pct pf pa home away
    Washington 3 2 0 .600 106 104 2-1 1-1
    Dallas 3 3 0 .500 123 103 3-0 0-3
    Philadelphia 3 3 0 .500 137 117 2-1 1-2
    NY Giants 1 5 0 .167 117 162 0-3 1-2
  • NFC West w l t pct pf pa home away
    Los Angeles 6 0 0 1.000 196 118 3-0 3-0
    Seattle 3 3 0 .500 143 117 1-1 2-2
    San Francisco 1 5 0 .167 148 179 1-1 0-4
    Arizona 1 6 0 .143 92 184 0-4 1-2
  • AFC North w l t pct pf pa home away
    Cincinnati 4 2 0 .667 174 158 2-1 2-1
    Baltimore 4 2 0 .667 153 77 2-0 2-2
    Pittsburgh 3 2 1 .583 171 154 1-2 2-0
    Cleveland 2 3 1 .417 128 151 2-1 0-2
  • AFC South w l t pct pf pa home away
    Tennessee 3 3 0 .500 87 107 2-1 1-2
    Houston 3 3 0 .500 135 137 2-1 1-2
    Jacksonville 3 3 0 .500 109 126 2-1 1-2
    Indianapolis 1 5 0 .167 152 180 0-2 1-3
  • AFC East w l t pct pf pa home away
    New England 4 2 0 .667 176 148 4-0 0-2
    Miami 4 2 0 .667 130 145 3-0 1-2
    NY Jets 3 3 0 .500 165 139 2-1 1-2
    Buffalo 2 4 0 .333 76 138 1-1 1-3
  • AFC West w l t pct pf pa home away
    Kansas City 5 1 0 .833 215 172 2-0 3-1
    Los Angeles 4 2 0 .667 175 144 2-1 2-1
    Denver 3 4 0 .429 165 164 2-2 1-2
    Oakland 1 5 0 .167 110 176 1-2 0-3
  • Passing Yards
    K. Cousins MIN 1921
  • Rushing Yards
    L. Murray MIN 261
    D. Cook MIN 98
    K. Cousins MIN 76
    S. Diggs MIN 43
    M. Boone MIN 32
  • Receiving Yards
    A. Thielen MIN 712
    S. Diggs MIN 435
    K. Rudolph MIN 266
    L. Treadwell MIN 180
    D. Cook MIN 107
  • Defensive Tackles (Total)
    E. Kendricks MIN 39
    H. Smith MIN 32
    D. Hunter MIN 28
    A. Barr MIN 27
    A. Sendejo MIN 27
  • Interceptions
    A. Harris MIN 1
    M. Hughes MIN 1
    X. Rhodes MIN 1
    H. Smith MIN 1
  • Sacks
    D. Hunter MIN 7.0
    H. Smith MIN 3.0
    M. Alexander MIN 2.0
    S. Weatherly MIN 2.0
    (4) Players 1.0
  • Passing Yards
    A. Rodgers GB 1997
    M. Ryan ATL 1956
    J. Goff LAR 1928
    K. Cousins MIN 1921
    E. Manning NYG 1662
  • Rushing Yards
    T. Gurley II LAR 623
    E. Elliott DAL 586
    S. Barkley NYG 438
    M. Breida SF 430
    C. Carson SEA 352
  • Receiving Yards
    A. Thielen MIN 712
    J. Jones ATL 708
    D. Adams GB 557
    R. Woods LAR 524
    M. Thomas NO 519
  • Defensive Tackles (Total)
    B. Baker ARI 65
    A. Bethea ARI 61
    J. Bynes ARI 56
    B. Martinez GB 51
    J. Smith DAL 51
  • Interceptions
    T. Boston ARI 3
    H. Clinton-Dix GB 3
    D. Jackson CAR 3
    D. Kazee ATL 3
    E. Thomas SEA 3
  • Sacks
    D. Hunter MIN 7.0
    C. Jones ARI 6.5
    F. Clark SEA 5.5
    D. Lawrence DAL 5.5
    (4) Players 5.0
  • Passing Yards
    B. Roethlisberger PIT 2033
    P. Mahomes KC 1865
    C. Keenum DEN 1848
    D. Watson HOU 1798
    A. Luck IND 1792
  • Rushing Yards
    M. Gordon III LAC 466
    K. Hunt KC 456
    J. Conner PIT 453
    P. Lindsay DEN 436
    I. Crowell NYJ 430
  • Receiving Yards
    D. Hopkins HOU 657
    E. Sanders DEN 603
    T. Hill KC 567
    J. Smith-Schuster PIT 561
    A. Green CIN 494
  • Defensive Tackles (Total)
    D. Leonard IND 62
    K. Alonso MIA 61
    A. Hitchens KC 60
    T. Davis DEN 51
    N. Vigil CIN 51
  • Interceptions
    X. Howard MIA 3
    D. Lee NYJ 3
    D. Ward CLE 3
    K. Alonso MIA 2
    (9) Players 2
  • Sacks
    V. Miller DEN 7.5
    J. Watt HOU 7.0
    B. Chubb DEN 6.5
    G. Atkins CIN 6.0
    T. Watt PIT 6.0
  • Thursday, October 18
    Denver 45, Arizona 10, F
  • Sunday, October 21
    Tennessee @ Los Angeles New England @ Chicago Cleveland @ Tampa Bay
    Carolina @ Philadelphia Minnesota @ NY Jets Detroit @ Miami
    Buffalo @ Indianapolis Houston @ Jacksonville New Orleans @ Baltimore
    Los Angeles @ San Francisco Dallas @ Washington Cincinnati @ Kansas City
  • Monday, October 22
    NY Giants @ Atlanta
  • Thursday, October 25
    Miami @ Houston
Who are the players on the Vikings' 53-man roster? We take a close look at their pedigree, home-states, colleges and more.
Team building Deconstructing the 2018 Vikings roster
updated 20 hours 16 mins. ago
How do you build a winning roster? Cull players from every conference, in every round and with wide-ranging pedigrees.

A look beyond NFL Week 7

Once a week, Mark Craig will get on and off the field quickly, then focus a spotlight on a player and a coach.

The wild, wild NFC East

Since 2012, the NFC East has crowned a champion that didn't have a winning record the previous season.
October 20
Dalvin Cook will miss his fourth game of the season Sunday at the Jets, still dealing with a hamstring injury.

Cook ruled out for Vikings vs. Jets, will miss fourth game of the season

Second-year running back Dalvin Cook was ruled out Friday because of the hamstring injury that has plagued him since the Sept. 16 tie in Green Bay.
Vikings season preview: The Infinite Quest
2018 Vikings Vikings season preview: The Infinite Quest
updated 16 hours 30 mins. ago
Infinity and No. 8, you have a lot in common: Neither of you has an exit. The Vikings placed $84 million worth of pressure on No. 8 Kirk Cousins, and the success or failure of 2018 will be entirely tied to him.
October 20
Minnesota Vikings Harrison Smith.

Smith's safety sidekicks have come and gone with Vikings

Stability at safety next to star Harrison Smith has been a challenge for the Vikings. But the team has built its safety depth by developing affordable young players.
October 19
Access Vikings: Dalvin Cook is still out

Access Vikings: Dalvin Cook is still out

Reporters Ben Goessling and Andrew Krammer give one final analysis before the Vikings take on the New York Jets. Running back Dalvin Cook will not be playing yet again, but despite the Jets' ability to turn the ball over, they see Minnesota coming out on top.
October 19
Nearly two years later, Mike Zimmer has learned to live with eye issues

Nearly two years later, Mike Zimmer has learned to live with eye issues

A week from Wednesday will mark the two-year anniversary of the Halloween night game in Chicago when Mike Zimmer’s right eye issues became a big problem.
The TCO Performance Center. ] AARON LAVINSKY � Previewing Vikings training camp in Eagan with double-truck including
Built for success: Vikings facility leaves no room for excuses
updated 14 hours 57 mins. ago
The Vikings have every luxury imaginable available to them at their new headquarters in Eagan, a facility so massive that employees were known to disappear while learning to navigate its 277,000 square feet.
October 19
How can you tell if Mackensie Alexander has made a big play? Don’t worry, the third-year Vikings cornerback has ways of letting you know.

The better he plays, the more fun Vikings cornerback Alexander has

The NFL learning curve is steep, but expressive Mackensie Alexander's grades are getting better.
October 18
New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold

Hartman: Vikings set to face a third rookie quarterback Sunday

The Vikings are 1-1 against a talented rookie QB class, and the Jets' Sam Darnold has outplayed the others.
October 18
New York Jets head coach Todd Bowles

Bowles has lengthy shared history with Zimmer, Vikings staff

Jets coach Todd Bowles coached with Mike Zimmer in Dallas, and was the only other finalist for the Vikings job in early 2014 whose name became known
Chicago Bears wide receiver Alshon Jeffery (17) makes an 11-yard reception for a touchdown during the second half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Oct
scores, stats, latest news Star Tribune NFL 24/7
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All the latest updates, including schedules, stats, scores, game reports and more from the National Football League.
October 18
Vikings-Jets injury reports: Dalvin Cook again sidelined at practice Thursday

Vikings-Jets injury reports: Dalvin Cook again sidelined at practice Thursday

Dalvin Cook’s hamstring injury held him out of another Vikings practice. This time, the running back ran back into the locker room after warmups on Thursday and was officially listed as having not practiced.
October 18
Priefer gives gruesome details on long-snapper McDermott's injury

Priefer gives gruesome details on long-snapper McDermott's injury

Vikings special teams coordinator Mike Priefer told the story behind long snapper Kevin McDermott's finger injury against the Rams.
October 18
Vikings players talk running game, how Jets are opportunistic

Vikings players talk running game, how Jets are opportunistic

Vikings players Adam Thielen, Latavius Murray, and Kyle Rudolph talked to the media about how the Jets will test Minnesota in week seven.
Vikings super fans Sid Davey and David Garza showed up in Canton to support the Vikings during their 1st preseason game of the season.
Listen Access Vikings: The Podcast
updated 21 hours 17 mins. ago
Check out our weekly Vikings podcast, featuring Michael Rand and Matt Vensel.
October 18
Jets fans celebrated a touchdown with wide receiver Robby Anderson.

Everything you need to follow Sunday's Vikings-Jets game

Play-by-play, depth charts, a Live Blog and more are a click away to help you follow Sunday's NFC title-game rematch between the Vikings and Jets.
October 18
Mailbag: Is Vikings rookie Brian O'Neill ready to start at right tackle?

Mailbag: Is Vikings rookie Brian O'Neill ready to start at right tackle?

Coach Mike Zimmer said he feels tackle Brian O’Neill has made his biggest strides as a pass protector. Does that mean he's ready to replace a veteran?
October 18
Vikings defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson. “Every phase of my life, I grew from it,” Richardson said of his time with the Jets. “I battled thr

Ex-Jets tackle Richardson recovers from 'self-inflicted' downfall

Vikings defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson was suspended for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy in 2015. Two weeks later, he was arrested after driving faster than 140 mph while street racing.

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