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Twins at Fenway: A boy's first game and a parent's big day

I first "met" Tony Soika through my baseball blog. He was stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq during Desert Storm; I was stationed from time to time at Target Field. My blog posts kept him up on what was happening with the Twins. His emails kept me up on what was happening in his life. (I'm sure I learned more than he did.) Currently an physical education instructor at West Point, Tony is a 1987 graduate of Eden Prairie High School.

He loves baseball, too. So when Tony told me a couple of months back that he was taking his three-year-old son to his first baseball game, at Fenway Park against the Twins, I knew that i wanted him to write about it.

How much does he love baseball? His son is named Nolan Ryan Soika.

I told him i wanted pictures. Parents and their kids going to their first baseball game is an eternal subject. I remember my first game. (Rudy May of the Angels got knocked out in the first inning by the White Sox, if you need to know.)

I wanted pictures too.



Nolan and Wally the Green Monster

So here's Tony's report from Sunday at Fenway Park. Does it remind you of your first game?

It was June 8, 1977; the day after my eighth birthday. My uncle took me to my first Twins game at the old Met Stadium, where we watched them beat the Royals 9-8.

Flash ahead a few...okay, a LOT...of years and when my son was born, I named him Nolan Ryan Soika. I didn't grow up a Nolan Ryan fan, but as an adult, I became one. I played a little baseball (make that very little baseball) at Winona State University before getting my degree in Exercise Science.

Today, I'm an army officer and Instructor at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

Nolan Ryan was one of the first baseball players to incorporate ability strength training into his off-season and off-season conditioning, and he balanced all of his ability and work ethic with a level of character that reminds me of when America was still America. He married his high school sweetheart and they're still together today. And who can forget the pasting he gave Robin Ventura of the White Sox?

Nolan Ryan vs. Robin Ventura, 1993

Nolan Ryan everything I want Nolan Ryan Soika to be when he grows up.

After learning that the Twins would be in town, we drove from New York to Boston to take Nolan to his first baseball game at Fenway Park. The Twins were in town, Fenway had long been on my bucket list and where better for a kid to experience his first major league baseball game?

We had second-row seats that I'd gotten from a season-ticket holder. The Twins played well enough to beat the Red Sox but were also bad enough to beat themselves. (When you've been a Twins fan as long as I have, you learn to expect these things.)

I frankly didn't care that the Twins lost 8-7. The experience of a game at Fenway was like I'd died and gone to baseball heaven.

The Red Sox staff tossed Nolan a package of Cracker Jack during the seventh-Inning stretch and let me hand him down to them so he could walk around on the warning track after the game. Never mind that he tried to eat a handful of dirt, I was too preoccupied taking pictures to capture the moment.

Nolan Ryan Soika on the warning track at Fenway Park

Afterward we walked over to the bullpen 50 feet away where Kyle Gibson was throwing. Eddie Guardado gave me a fist bump and away we went to the gift shop to get Nolan a ball and a t-shirt.

Kyle Gibson in the bullpen

Nolan and his mom Elizabeth

I'm not sure who had a better time, the kid with cotton candy and Cracker Jack or the dad with the addiction to baseball and Americana. But it was a day neither will ever forget.

NHL's top draft prospects report flooded with Minnesota preps

The NHL Central Scouting's Futures List for the 2017 NHL Entry Draft features 22 Minnesota natives among the 148 North American skaters.

The group is mix of current high school standouts and those playing in the U.S. Hockey League and elsewhere. Players are listed on the NHL website alphabetically and without an assigned ranking.

Of the Minnesotans, 15 played high school hockey in Minnesota during the 2015-16 season, six played in the USHL or in Ann Arbor with the U.S. National Team Development Program and one in Major Junior hockey with the Western Hockey League.

Forwards Casey Mittelstadt (Eden Prairie High School, pictured) and Prior Lake’s Scott Reedy (U.S. Under-18 Team) are possible first round picks in the 2017 NHL Draft held in Chicago. Let’s Play Hockey Magazine compiled a handy list of Minnesotans.