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Cheeseheads shred their Packers after title-game loss

We know these things are true:

**Vikings fans would consider themselves fortunate merely to reach an NFC Championship game, so you don't need to remind us of that.

**The Packers put together a magnificent run to get themselves in position to go toes-up against Atlanta on Sunday.

**Aaron Rodgers is fun to watch, even if Atlanta turned him into a high-functioning Jay Cutler in Sunday's loss.

All of that being said, we take you now to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, a main drop-off point for Packers fans to leave their comments about the game.

First off, there was the headline competition, in which fans were invited to write their own headlines following the 44-21 loss to Atlanta: 'Successful' McCarthy Sets Packers Record With Third NFC Championship Loss is our favorite, Here are the others.

Now, let's get to the truly angry:

Blame a lack of toughness: "The Packers are a bunch of China Dolls and have been for several years. Until that changes nothing else ever will and the Packers will fall short of their ultimate goal."

Blame Rodgers: "Like the Favre years, the Packers went as far as their quarterback could take them. But also like the Favre years, the clock is ticking on Aaron Rodgers' career and as of 6:26 a.m. Monday morning, Rodgers has one Super Bowl appearance."

Blame the defense: "Congratulations to Packers for being first team in NFL history to field a Pop Warner defense in a NFC championship game! WTF!!! Totally unacceptable!"

Blame defensive coordinator Dom Capers: "No corners, no inside linebackers, no speed, no interior rush, no spine. That's been Capers defense for the past five years."

Blame the strength and conditioning coach: "Wow, to read these comments, you'd think we finished last in the league. We went to the NFC Championship game. That's no easy task. We had 15 on the injured report and lost at least 7 players yesterday. Our defense was a sieve yesterday, but it was put together with band aids.  If I was going to fire anyone, it would be the strength/conditioning coach. Too many injuries, too many years."

Blame EVERYONE: "Very, very ugly. Some changes need to be made on the defensive side of the ball; players, coaches, the whole nine yards."

Blame head coach Mike McCarthy: "Yeah, McCarthy doesn't have the "IT" factor. I think part of the problem is that Rodgers knows he's smarter than McCarthy so he doesn't respect him. If Dom Capers and Ted Thompson don't go (with Thompson being the axing priority), it will be more of the same next year. We're like the Lions--except with a decent QB."

We'll spare you more, unless you want to go look for yourselves. But the moral of the story -- from here, anyway -- is that no matter how good it gets, people always want something better.

We'll try out that theory after Atlanta beats the Patriots in the Super Bowl, OK?

And if you do want to read more of the blame passing, as well as watch a video of responses to voice mails left from Packers fans, click here.

Maya Moore on hoops with (and getting hustled by) Obama

One of the things that will certainly change when Barack Obama leaves the White House is the emphasis on basketball as a presidential pursuit. As GQ magazine put it: “Among the many legacies President Obama will leave behind, there is this: he was the best basketball-playing President we've ever had.”

The magazine published an oral history of Obama’s basketball exploits, which featured interviews with players, entertainers and White House insiders. “I was shocked at how good he was,” said Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul.

Lynx star Maya Moore makes a couple of appearances in the story. Telling about when Obama invited her University of Connecticut teams to the White House after it won the NCAA title and again when the Lynx paid a visit after one of their WNBA championships.

Here’s Moore on Obama’s game: “Don’t let him catch and shoot. That’s too easy. He has a funky little left-hand jumper, a little unorthodox, but it goes in. It’s consistent. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. You gotta make him put it on the floor. I know he’s in shape, but if you’re physical, that can take a lot out of a player, so try to be physical. Try to wear him down. And don’t let him get in your head, Gary Payton-style.”

And then there was the UConn visit, which featured a game of P-I-G and left Moore wondering: “Did we just get hustled.”

To read that vignette, and a lot of other good stuff, you’ll need to click here.

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