The Twins signed Denard Span to a five-year deal worth $16.5 million. I wrote about this for the Sunday paper.

The Twins' front office, particularly assistant general manager Rob Antony, have become quite aggressive in locking up their best young players. And not just their most talented young players. They seem to have concentrated on guys with trustworthy personalities.

Span fits that bill. He's one of the most personable and confident players in the clubhouse.

He said he won't do what Torii Hunter did and immediately buy a Bentley. He said he'd wait for his next contract, ``so I have something to motivate me.''

Hunter called Span to congratulate him Saturday morning, and Span said that while he might have made more money had he played on year-to-year contracts, he's thrilled to have the long-term security.

If not for the Joes - Mauer's contract and Nathan's injury - this would be the most productive and seamless spring training in Twins history.

-Doing Sunday Sports Talk on am-1500 from Hammond Stadium tomorrow. Guests will include Bill Smith and, I'm guessing, Span, along with any other Twins we can get on the line. We'll also talk Gopher basketball, Gopher hockey, Vikings, etc.

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